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Jan 3 and 4 2022 Dymin Set Collection

Here the following set categories I have completed from Jan 3 early morning and last night to 7 am Jan 4, 2022

Jan 3, 2022

Psycho Dymin Set 2 Jan 3 2022
Unrecorded Dymin Set 1 Jan 3, 2022
Works Dymin Set 3 Jan 3, 2022
Machine Dymin Set 1 Jan 3, 2022
Marionette Dymin Set Jan 3, 2022
Ancient Dymin Set Jan 3, 2022

Jan 4, 2022

Mountain Dymin Set 3 Jan 4, 2022
River Dymin Set 1 Jan 4, 2022
Lake Dymin Set 2 Jan 4, 2022
Grasslands Dymin Set 4 Jan 4, 2022
Outcast Dymin Set 2 Jan 4, 2022
Monolith Dymin Set Jan 4, 2022
Uncategorized Dymin Set Jan 4, 2022 This category has 120 cards

Here is the following Dymin Sets that needs names for each category:
These categories are listed as the same work in progress in the Dymino Monsters : Monster Encyclopedia. Some time this year 2022, I will write up and put on digital format the entire Monster encyclopedia book for the Dymin Collection Set in alphabetical order. The rest of the book has been written by hand and in chapter deck format from beginning to end in strict story format.

Wild Dymin Set 1
Savage Dymin Set 3
Carnage Dymin Set 4
Rampage Dymin Set 3
Ballistic Dymin Set 4
Horror Dymin Set 4
Mutant Dymin Set 2
Terror Dymin Set 1
Havok Dymin Set 4
Rage Dymin Set 3

Each category has 9 cards each except for the uncategorized set, though its still listed in the Dymin Collection Set.

The Monster Encyclopedia hand written book near the last 18 pages 100 - 118 looks like out of a total mess and I wanted to use up every page and line possible. So during the process, I just wrote nd numbered off on each page to just add what I had and in no way alphabetical order.

During the second phase of getting things listed, categorized I used index cards to cross reference my list of categories.

As I said before, when ever I update this website and other websites to get the word of mouth of my game updates viewed, its all in order from start to finish.

There is only 10 categories left to fill for the entire game of Dymino Monsters Monster Encounter Roster.

2,841 Original Encounters
902 Armor
972 Weapons
26 Playable Characters
7 Difficulty Game settings
Pvp Play mat and Rules
Solo Campaign and Rules
Co-Op Campaign and Rules
Multiplayer Campaign and Rules
4 player Battle mats and Rules
52 Different endings
Drop In - Drop Out
In Game Currancy
Weapon Skill Technique 60 cards each with different attributes / feats for all current playable characters [13 characters current]
Character Ranking Sheets
Weather System [Percipitation and Obscuration]
32 Titans
31 different hand drawn isometric play mats and counting

Stay tuned for more updates on this Epic Journey
Bows respectfully

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