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Journal Purpose

Note: this entry has nothing to do with the actual game see the next page for game concept.

I design a lot of games. Many of which never even make it to the point of having a rules draft. Many of them are terrible and not worth mentioning. However, this particular journal is a game which is near to my heart as it is the first game I am going to actually try to do something. It remains yet unnamed, but I believe has a niche fan group waiting to embrace it

First the purpose of these journals.

While this game is not without outline, it is still very early in the design process my posting my progress here I could receive feedback and suggestions about the game design.

Additionally the game is historically based so, I would appreciate advice from the historically inclined.

Furthermore this form will help me keep focused.

Finally, if I could build a relationship of anyone who is interested in the project.


Game concept


I was wondering HOW/WHERE we are supposed to "go" for the next page which is supposed to discuss the "game concept".

I'd be happy to take a read and let you know what I think... Depending on the game I might be able to give feedback - but this depends on your game. Some games I don't particularly take to, making it difficult for me to comment on that specific game.

I would rather say something positive than say something negative and have to explain why. So bring on the next page and let's have a look at your game! :)


I just added a new page, I appreciate if you'd check it out. Although since it is my concept it is a long one.

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