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Just Because Games - M.A.D.

JBG - M.A.D Card side 1
JBG - M.A.D Card side 2
JBG - M.A.D. Card side 3
JBG - M.A.D. Card side 4
JBG - M.A.D. Title Image

Just put together an 18 card game for a contest on The Game Crafter. Very simple, very light, very quick. The unique part is that the cards are two sided, so you can get "some" information about what the others are holding simply by looking.

The Goal of the game:

The goal of M.A.D. is to survive the Nuclear Arms Race by being the last player standing.

The winner is decided by being either the Player with the HIGHEST number of Nuclear Weapons, or, in the case of a tie, the LOWEST!

Playing the game:

Shuffle the deck. Deal 3 cards to each Player.

The game lasts 3 rounds. In each round, each player passes ONE card to the Player to the LEFT.

At the end of the 3rd round, each player selects one side of each of their cards they wish to use to represent their Nuclear arsenal.

Winning the game:

The Player with the HIGHEST number of Nuclear Bombs at the end of round 3 wins, UNLESS there is a tie for highest number of Nuclear Bombs. In this case the Player with the LOWEST number of Nuclear Bombs wins.


I'm very interested in

I'm very interested in entering this contest as well.

I have some ideas, but I don't know if I'll be able to get my ideas created and play tested before the deadline with my Kickstarter taking most of my attention at the moment. I'm impressed that you're able to do both. :-)

So is the basically strategy whether you are going to try to go for the highest number of bombs, or the least?

With only 18 cards do you think people would pretty quickly be able to memorize which cards people have based off the back of the cards?

18 cards isn't a lot!

Yep, it's REAL basic! But, there are 4 cards with a 1 on the back, 5 with a 2, 5 with a 3, 4 with a 4. Anything else could be on the other side (1-4). The best I can say is that I get confused by it, but I'm not a card counter at all. :)

For me the biggest selling point is that it is very easy to learn, and very quick to play.

We'll see how it goes!

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