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Miltsve: The TCG/Combat simulator/resources experience.

Yeah, I'm still having problems defining the exact nature of this game.

Anyways, greetings to everyone interested in the development of this little board game called "Miltsve". The game's name has no real meaning as it is a made up word for a made up molecular structure in the game's universe. But, before staring a confusing explanation of the game's "lore", allow me to describe the actual game and the ideas behind it, so we know where we are and where we want to get to.

Miltsve is a board game between two opposing factions that uses a deck of 30 trading cards and a set number of pieces that allow the players movement on, well, the board.

With the goal of "transporting the player" to a world in conflict, Miltsve has the player take the form of a "hero" of his choosing and a couple of squires that assist him/her in his quest.

Like many TCG, Miltsve works on the same principle as Magic the Gathering or Yu gi oh, the reduction of the opposing player's lifepoints/shields to 0 and achievement of victory. Unlike the games mentioned above, Miltsve incorporates a tactical edge by including movement and positioning as well as resources management, which would make it somewhat more similar to MTG than YGO.

Anyway, contary to YGO or MTG, Miltsve doesn't use variable attack and defense values printed on each card as it wants to give the player the feeling that every character has an equal chance of being the world's hero. Instead, it relies on a COMPLEX system of power building throughout the game.

My vision or goal for this game is to give the players a sense of agency in the world of Miltsve, making each confrontation unique and meaningful, and also make it a game adequate for WORLD WIDE competitive play. (Just like MTG or YGO)

How far are we in making this game a reality?

We're just starting.

Currently, my team and I:

1) We have designed the board with it's element placement.
2) We have designed the cards' layout
3) We have created a set of rules to make the game funcional
4) We have finally created a system implementing movement, resource
managing, and tactical combat.
5) We currently have over 60 card efects.
6) We have 30 well thoughtout characters for the players to choose from.
7) We have a world lore.
8) We have the first draft of the game's rule book

Unfortunately we lack:

1) Blind feedback on game mechanics
2) We lack feedback on the world lore.
3) Cards' art and general art design
4) We have balancing issues.
5) A clear idea of how many cards to make for the first batch to be sold
on the international market. (Some of us think 60..some of us think 300 as it is supposed to be a TCG).

Well, This is what we have right now.
As we advance, this game log will be updated, not only to have our goals written somewhere, but also as a way to have other interested designers to comment as we are total newbies in the game designing world.

Also please feel free to point out any grammar mistakes.

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