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Moving from spreadsheet to card design

Rulebook is 3/4 of the way done. Same could be said about the spreadsheet with the card details. I really aught to find a published I'm going to pitch this to, however, so that I design the rest of it with manufacturing in mind. Our game is a structure-building, tile-placement game currently titled Skyport D.C., set in a futuristic, slightly dystopian America. Fossil fuels are low, but where airships are a preferred method of transportation. Goal of the game: Build a profitable and passenger-friendly Skyport by placing structure tiles, hiring workers and reaping the rewards of spendthrift passengers.


Here are some publishers

Here are some publishers you might find iteresting to take a look at.

Blue Orange Games (San Fransisco, Ca. U.S.A.) : Published NY1901 back in 2015. Chenier Le Salle is the designer of NY1901.

Green Couch Games : Based in Michigan U.S.A.

North Star Games

360 Manufacturing Services : MA.U.S.A.

Mayfair Games

MayDay Games

These are just a few off the top of my brain at the moment.

Hope this helps you out in some way.


Thank you!

Thank you!

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