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Nature Preserve: Cards

I don't have any cards yet, but there will be two general types: events and species.

Events (or whatever they end up being named) will be the random things that happen during the game, and will represent the main source of player interaction. I plan to also include some sort of counter cards in there (I'll probably call that the park ranger) that will either outright cancel or at least mitigate the impacts of an event. For instance s/he might stop a poacher, or save endangered species from a wildfire.

Species will be divided into three decks:
Habitats - this will represent the different types of habitat that animals need. Players will start with 1 forest and 1 grassland, but there will be other types included as well. Some will be less common like lakes or caves, and thus more valuable.

Herbivores - This would be animals like deer, rabbits, squirrels, grasshoppers, butterflies, etc. Each one will need a specific habitat in order to be in your park, and will also need a certain area (number of spaces) to live.

Predators - Predators will need a certain number of herbivores to support them, so they will be harder to maintain in a park. They will generally be worth more and make a park more popular.

The animals may be combined into one deck, I will have to see how they play.

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