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This is the main game I'm currently working on. I posted about this before under a different name but have since deleted that. Let's never mention that name again, it's a thing of the past :P

I have a facebook page for the game here:


Britain 2099. The last century has seen massive technological advancement but catastrophic world events. Civil war, nuclear attacks and encroaching restriction of freedoms increasingly take their toll on the world.

People continue to lose their sense of self and reality as they implant cybernetics and use exotic drugs to make themselves more than human, while surrounded with electronic media at all times. Those with the money and the will make themselves better than human to try to reach newer heights of capability. But those that change themselves too quickly become one of the Techshocked, disassociated from reality and turned violent and dangerous.

Fearful neo-luddites fight technology, some going as far as openly attacking transhumans for trying to be more than human. Between neo-luddites and the Techshocked, law enforcement is forced to become stricter and better armed. But they're too busy dealing with the worst problems to protect everyone and people are forced to protect themselves as well.

Some desperate few, determined to escape the increasingly dangerous society they're trapped in, take on dangerous illicit work for whoever will pay to try to buy themselves a better life. They must balance advancing fast enough to secure their future before government crackdowns restrict their freedoms, and not changing so fast they join the Techshocked. They're the Nightlancers.


Nightlancer is a competitive board game set in a unique futuristic transhuman dystopia. Players try to improve the prospects of their Nightlancers without risking too much and losing their ideals.

In each round players use their hand of contacts to help themselves or hinder others. Meanwhile they take on missions and buy new equipment from the black market to expand their pool of resources.

When completing one of the unique missions players must critically decide at each step how to succeed. Maybe they could crack into a computer system to bypass locked doors or time their entry to avoid patrol routes. Choose well and take the right risks to succeed and gain money for prospects, equipment or skills to build their Nightlancer.

Each round a new event comes and events escalate in severity as the world around them becomes more dangerous. Finally when society is on the verge of martial law, they must escape with whatever prospects they have.

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