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Nightlancer Artwork

Nightlancer Assassin

I've started commissioning art for this and have the first piece completed now. This is one the eight "Nightlancer" characters, which players each control one of.

My current plan is to get eight pieces like this one and to also get the box art done, so I have something better to show for advertising and can give playtesters a taste of what the finished product will look like.

I wont get the rest of the artwork done until I'm ready to get it produced, since some things could still change at this stage.

Would welcome any thoughts on the artwork and my plan for which artwork to get at this stage.


Next step of artwork progress

great stuff. thats pro-art.

great stuff. thats pro-art. nice underdone setting as well.


I really like the theme, and the art looks well put together. I think you have the beginnings of something great, and I look forward to seeing more. Don't really see too much cyber punk these days, or maybe I haven't been paying attention, but nice work!

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