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Nightlancer prototype review by @TheAngelOfDice

I've received my second review now.

I've also retrieved my extra prototype copy (which had been out getting blind playtests and then some video footage for the upcoming KS) so that's now been sent out to another reviewer so more than one reviewer can see it at once.

So looking at this review there are a couple of things there that particularly need my attention, I think he may be on to something with the rulebook (definitely that how to win is not immediately obvious from the rulebook).

The iconography comment is an awkward one - I will be hiring a graphic designer to redo all the icons which I *hope* will improve clarity across the board, and I have a couple of specific iconography changes that will help, though if I can find a way of simplifying the iconography without compromising the content I will.

Anything else stand out as a big red flag that I need to deal with and improve?

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