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Pillars of Society

Intro Page

This is where I will post resources for investigating the game design process of Pillars of Society. I will provide seven areas (still under development) that you can explore to understand more of the mechanics, art, direction, theme, and even game play. Thank you, and know that feedback is always welcome.

Note: this is the official design of the "Stop Light" mechanic

#1 Theme

You have been commissioned by the mayor as the first professional building contractor for the next biggest city! Your task is to manage the contracts of structures and projects that will convince populations to enter your city and grow the success of your society! Entice the masses through the seven pillars of society: employment, leisure, attraction, health, security, technology, and belief - bringing more and more people to make your city work efficiently. Will you contract a towering skyscraper? Take hold of the medical industry? Or set up a chain of fast food restaurants? Its all up to you. Can you master the pillars of society?

#2 Major Game Elements

-30-60 minute game
-For 2-4 players
Main Mechanic:
-Managing the efficiency of your contracts through an interesting trigger system
Other Mechanics
-A unique push your luck mechanic with using a die
-Many different actions to manipulate your turns
-Lots of special abilities to make combos
-A strong possibility of doing actions on other players' turns

#3 Graphics: UPDATED 9/12/17

#Under Construction#

#4 Work Bench: UPDATED 9/12/17

[+] What has been added
[*] What is being tested
[-] What has been removed
[#] What i'm working on

#Enhancing the rule book#

#5 Rule Book: UPDATED 9/26/17

Pillars of Society Rules

#6 Tabletop Simulator/Tabletopia

#Under Construction#

#7 Print and Play

#Under Construction#

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