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Plague Rats Actual Version

actual Table Top Simulator Version

As I mentioned in the introduction thread I´m starting this Game Journal to share my Main Project and Design Progress:

Take the Role of a rat hunter settled in the 18/19th century...
Track traces of rats in the canalisation of your town!
Use your equipment to lure, kill or even catch the vermin, to protect the town of a plague outbreak!
Take notes and improve your special fields to use your equipment more effective.
But be careful. Avoid personal contact with other hunters. The Plague bumps just waitung to break out!

Plague Rats is a simultaneous action Programming kind of game.

All players receive 5 cards (equipment) at the start of the game.
All players choose and play simultaneously one of their cards hidden.

Then all players reveal their cards and check which players start to trace the tracks of the rats...

Cards showing the same tracking number will be discarded immediately.
This is called "getting in contact with another hunter"
This can have bad consequences for the hunters.

Card effects will trigger in tracking number order.
A lot of the card effects interact with the rats meeples in the canalisation.
Another are used to get notes, steal catched rats from another player or heal your Plague bumps.

The target is to get the most points at the and of the game, by catching stunned rats, collecting death rat body parts, by collecting special fields and by pretending getting negative points out of Plague bumps.

The game ends when there are no living rats in the canalisation anymore.


I want to use this game Journal to share my insights in my design process.
Next time I will go more in detail about Plague Rats, showing of the components, describing the equipment and special field cards and some other little mechanics in the game!

Thanks for reading and I´m sorry If some of the pictures are in german. I design it actually in my native language.


Interesting Theme

The theme is unusual and interesting, also a bit darker than usual and connected to the actual disease we are fighting against.

I am a big fan of action programming and your mechanic reminds me of robo rally, because of the order in which the player get their turn, with the twist that it is relevant not to play the same number and at the same time.

Looks like I need the tabletop simulator, let’s see if it is in sale :)

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