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Planet Defense - Towerdefense, Building Game - just ideas not much of a game by now



the name of the project is "Planet Defense" because every player defends their own small planet.

Basic ideas:

- making a tower defense game
- make it different -> enemies come from space and circle around your planet and have no straight path
- goal of the game is defending the planet and building you planet

- every player has a character which moves over the planet to build stuff and gather the needed resources
- the "enemies" of the planet are meteors and UFOs
- meteors circle around the planet until they drop on the surface and damage the planet
- the planet is flat, so that a part of it (a tile) that suffers to much dmg will just break and leave a hole behind
- a hole shrinks the building space and resources that are available


- actual i have made hexagon parts to form 2 planets, each planet contains about 30 pieces
- every piece has a landscape, actual are 5 landscapes (mountain, rock desert, wood, wood and hills, grassland)

- meteors have 3 sizes, small, medium, big, they are round token
- actual the token have no art, working on that

- actual there are 3 kinds of UFOs, which have 3 different colors, also round token
- actual the token have no art, better so say, they are the same as the meteors, need to work on that

Event Cards
- these will spawn the meteors and UFOs, not made by now
- will make them in nandeck, the print and cut them, put into sleeves and a deck of old cards
- I guess I will leave space in the card text to be able to change numbers direct on the sleeve with a pen

- rules are not close to make a game, just random thoughts and ideas
- working on these in a word sheet

That’s all for now.. gathering some art and writing some rules now :)

The art is just for the prototype and not for commercial use

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