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Possible Expansions

The two expansion idaes explore the "Lore" of this point of time. It increases the depth of the environment while preserving the strategy. I feel like the base game is HIGH on strategy, but LOW on theme. The two expansions will be called Messenger and Encounter.

Messenger Expansion


7 New Populations
3 New Loccations
1 New Characteristic/Tactics
1 New Weaknesses/Sins
70 Event cards

Main Addition:

The main crux of this expansion is to have the game interact with the players a little more as well as create a more specific environment. Players are at a specific location, helping specific populations, but what is happening around you? What events are taking place? This expansion answers this.


The Event cards will have two "events" on them, one will be typically positive and the other typically negative. Before the first player to execute a plant action in a given round starts his/her turn, they will flip over the top event card. The effects of the event are active until the end of the round. The two events will each effect only players on the specified action type.

Example- High Security Area: PLANT ACTION: You cannot use blessed tactics HARVEST ACTION: If you gain a Disciple gain +2 Loyalty

Encounter Expansion


3 New Populations
2 New Locations
2 New Characteristics/Tactics
2 New Weaknesses/Sins
1 Encounter Booklet
4 Map mats
150 encounter tokens

Main Addition:

This is going to further the specificity of the players' experience. Players will traverse and move on a map and encounter episodes with difficult decisions.


For each location there will be a map. At the beginning of the game you will place random encounter tokens, each with a number to a specific encounter in the book, on the map. As a pre-action you may travel and move your team to different spaces on the map to encounter the environment that is around you as well as venturing to new locations.

When you land on a space with an encounter token on it you will reveal the number of the encounter, look in the encounter booklet, and read the encounter. Each encounter will have three options to choose from which will determine the outcome: two active responses and one passive response. The two active responses will have a "Skill Check" of a certain help prong and value which you will need to remove cards from your hand, placing them on the bottom of your deck until the value is met. For example:

Encounter #54 Active Response 1: Protection 1; Active Response 2: Relationship 4. Passive Response: Nothing.
-You decide to choose Active response 2. In order to meet the requirement, you must remove cards from your hand with Relationship help prong values adding up to or above 4 and then placing them on the bottom of your deck.
-You successfully persuaded the man to leave you alone gain +3 Loyalty and draw a card.


Both of these ideas immerse the player in the story and the game creates this environment for them. As if the game is a real simulation of what is going on! I little far ahead but could be used for some stretch goals in the future :D

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