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Post apocalypse car card game

That's a mouthful of a title. I've been lurking here for a bit and have been inspired by a game design contest on BGG to give this game design thing a chance.

Having just watched Road Warrior again recently, and started compiling a list of Mad Max/Car Wars type games my mind's been working on that. So, I thought to myself after seeing the above mentioned contest, why not try and create a game using a standard 52 card deck?

A game that one, two, or more people can play whether at home, school, a restaurant, or waiting for the bus. Now the game design rules require it be a minimum of two players; that's fine, we'll try to shoot for solo and multi-player.

I'm torn between each player having their own card deck, or sharing a joint one. It's a only a catch if both players bring their own deck and they're the same type of deck, such as being blue backed stud poker cards. It's not a problem if they have different card designs, that way they can be easily sorted out after the game.

As the game plays out (at least in my mind) there is a discard deck that can be a common one, or one for each player; but, the game board will be a mixture of cards from both players hands.

Ok, here's what I've been thinking of so far.

Objective: To get to objective (point A to B) or destroy the other player

Turn Order:
1) Shuffle deck/s
2) Deal starting card for each player
3) Deal each player 5 "mod" cards
4) Deal 4 track cards to each player
5) Place car figure/token at starting point
6) Deal next 2 track cards
7) Move figure/token or attack
8) Play mod card or deal damage for road speed or raider attack
9) Resolve action from #8
10) Adjust stats (yeah, each player may have stats - I'm not sure yet)
11) Draw back up to a hand of 5 cards

If I go with attributes, it'll be something simple like Speed/attack/defense. The player will have so many points to split up among them. I'm thinking 7 points. The player will spread the points among the stats any way the choose with a max of 4 in any one, and a minimum of 1 in any.

The cards themselves will be both the track and modifiers with each pip on the card face indicating the challenge to get around or number that can be added or subtracted from the players action.

2- = speed/action modifiers
Ace =
Joker = Wild card, allows the player to "burn rubber" & lay 2 extra track cards down
Face cards = Outposts/settlements/villages where the player can get repairs/health
-Jack would be an outpost +1/-1 health
-Queen would be a settlement +2/-2 health
-King would be a village +3/-3 health

*why a +/- for the Face cards? Well, if it's a minus then that means it belongs to the enemy. If your a wastelander, then the card belongs to raiders/bandits. If your a raider/bandit, then the card belongs to wastelanders. On some turns, you'll have no choice but to have to pass through that card and you will be attacked.

Moving and attacking would be decided either by action points (APs), or a flat 2 actions (move/move; attack/move; attack/attack; move/attack). The options would be to move/fire weapons/or play defensive system. Move would be one space/card forward/backwards/side-to-side/ or stop. Attack is just that, attack with your weapons system. Defense is counter an attack made by the other player.

That's it for the moment. I've got three weeks to hammer this all out.


I've done very little with

I've done very little with this since the original post, letting the material roll around and percolate in my brain. This has worked out well for it's helped me come up with the title for this card game. Road Rage! Yeah, nothing original there...but all the cool names have already been taken, like Battle Cars, Thunder Road, Car Wars, etc.

Also, during this time, I've revised some off my ideas. Each player will be given 3 road track cards to lay down so the track will be 3 cards wide and two deep (as both players place the track) and I'll do away with the dice and borrow a mechanic from the WH40K ccg.

I think at this point, I just need to fine tune the combat mechanics and maybe the healing.

If anyone has thoughts, feel free to comment.

Game design is a funny beast

Game design is a funny beast as most of you know. Finally finished this game and it's about 180 degrees different than what I started with as a concept and is actually a better creation than what I had envisioned.

I used to think that "what I want, is what it will be.", not so much now. Specially with the timeline and restrictions of the contest which forced me to come up with and push certain limits I'd been blocked by.

Even if I don't win the contest, at least it was a darn good experience and confidence booster that has got me working on my next concept....a cross between Big Trouble in Little China, Lovecraft, and any number of Pulp Fiction ideas from the early years.

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