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Human: Humans are the most common race in New Earth, being the most unspecialized race of all, their stats are considered standard. Instead of gaining extra stats, they gain 3 extra talent points per level, this changes to five once you have reached total level of 5. Quick learner- Humans learn quickly, they need to, being one of the shortest lived races it is almost a mission to learn all they can in their short lives. When humans gain experience they gain 5% extra, if a human has 3 classes with at least a total level of 10 they gain instead 10% extra.

All Humans are medium size
weight and height
female humans weigh between 90-250lbs.
and males weigh between 100-300lbs.
height for humans is from 5ft5inches to 6ft8inches on average
General race description
Humans are a very unique race, they have no real specialty common amongst their race, there is not a craft or ability that they all share commonly, except for their ability to learn so many things in such a short amount of time.
hobbits tend to be enthralled by humans, as human vary so widely in everything they do, including their morales and ideals. From being as classy as an elf to the wildness of the gnomes, the humans ability to be everything is much like a hobbits ability to do anything.
Elves tend to see the human race as chaotic, though they have been known to get along with the occasional human and even produce offspring of half human decent.
Races such as dwarves and gnomes enjoy humans quick learning abilities, especially when dabbling in crafts normally restricted to dwarven/gnomish works.

Humans have no racial hate or preference of other races, as they are an over populated race, their upbringing and life styles vary from place to place. Humans have no regional preference, as they tend to be seen everywhere and anywhere they could possibly live(like rats).Humans tend to lean towards a more chaotic alignment, humans are free birds with a more drastic and unique way of choosing their beliefs.

neanderthal gain +4 strength and +4 endurence -3 intelligence and -2 wisdom, when a neanderthal uses crushing or bludgeoning weapons they gain +2 to damage and +5% to chance to hit, neanderthal are considered uncivilized and cannot read or write, at level 4 they can use 5 skill points to read and write, and at 5th level they are no longer treated as uncivilized (even if they have not yet used the 5 skill points for reading and writing) neanderthal cannot start as a lawful aligned character.

Neanderthal description
Neanderthal’s are generally frowned upon by other humans, and are quick to be disowned by the human race, with the thought that Neanderthals are closer to monkey than man. They are seen as barbarians over anything else. Since Neanderthal do not use nobility in their cultures, they are never born into nobility. Neanderthal are strong and durable above all else, and this makes up their general design.
They are usually found in caves far from civilization, and are sometimes seen fighting with cragrock orcs for land.
Neanderthal are most common In Kaurus on the East Continent , The Saurian Isles in the SouthEast, Taurus on the North Continent and The Eirinshire Desert on the West continent.
+2 skill, highlander start with the sword arts skill, and have +5% to hit with bladed weapons. When using bladed weapons without a shield highlanders may reroll a miss if their roll was 15% or lower.

Highlander racial description
Highlanders are born upon the northeast continent of Andurin, or the far east continent of Tansia. They are very talented in their sword skills, and are very proud of this. Highlanders are rarely seen without their blades, and even are known to sleep with them. Most legendary heroes for the human race are highlanders, they could be the light skinned warriors of Andurin, or the yellow skinned warriors of Tansia. Highlanders are usually proudly spoken of by all humans when the topic is brought up, most of mankind try and take claim to Highlander blood, regardless of the truth.
The Highlanders are rare, and don’t take well to change, thus they are a dying breed.

Highlanders are found most commonly in Andurin in the East and Tansia The group of islands between the East and West continents.
----common folk:
+2 skill, -2 intelligence, +3 wisdom, common folk gain 7% experience instead of the normal 5, and with 3 class of total level 5 or higher they gain 14% more instead of 10%

----elven friend:
+2 dexterity, elven friend have the forest walk ability, and gain +2 to diplomacy and detect motive when dealing with elves.
Elven friend humans can use items, armor, and weapons that normally can only be used by elves.
+3 endurance, +2 strength
-30% ice weakness, -15% force weakness
Northerners come from realms of ice and snow, thus have adapted magics of colder weather, and can cast spells including fire or ice up to .4 levels higher than normal.

Elf:The elf is the most magically skilled race, they gain +2dex, +3 charm and +2 agi but -3 str and -2 end. Elves are also able to level magic up to .3 higher than their total level, regardless of class. All elves also have a -20% to elemental weaknesses, which can be spread by multiples of 5% however you please. All elves gain lowlight vision to 60ft

All Elves are medium size
General racial description
Elves are a proud race, and believe themselves to come first, Though dwarves would be one of the few races that disagree with them. Most elves strongly resent humans for their chaotic ways, and find them a disgusting sight to behold most of the time, what with their flaunting of their inferior looks, and short lived lives. Elves have just as much respect for hobbits and gnomes as they do humans, as hobbits are filled with too much of a lust for adventure, and the gnomes are annoyingly inquisitive.
Elves usually respect dwarves, even when they do not see eye to eye, no puns meant on their part.

Weight and height
Female elves weigh between 70-180lbs.
Male elves weigh between 70-200lbs.
All elves stand from 5ft to 6ft
----High elf:
high elves gain +4 to wisdom, but a -2 to strength. High elves resist any sleeping effects, are resistant to all poisons, along with an additional ability to level spells .2 higher than total level.

----wood elf:
wood elves gain +2 agility, +1 skill and +1 dexterity, they also gain the track ability naturally but take -2 endurance. Wood elves are considered proficient with any bow, and gain +15 range on attacks. Wood elves also have woodland stride ability

----dark elf:
dark elves have +1 wisdom and +2 dexterity, dark elves have dark vision to 50 ft and an additional 30ft to low light vision. Dark elves cannot be blinded by darkness spells, and gain a +2 competence bonus when making poisons.

----Blood elf:
blood elves have +3 endurance, +2 to intelligence, but take -3 to wisdom and -2 to charm. Blood elves are considered closed minded when attempting to resist divine based control/influence spells/abilities and thus gain +2 to mind resistance versus these spells. Blood elves can sense when other creatures are infected by any disease, and can detect any illnesses or poisons others or themselves are affected by. When resisting diseases blood elves gain +4 to resistance.
----Katar elf
Katar elves are considered the most deadly elves of all, usually taking the roles of mercenaries, assassins, or simply just fighting for the sake of superiority. Katar elves are better than everyone and they know it. Katar elves lose their +.2 benefit to magic casting, and take -3 wisdom, +3 agilty, +3 dexterity. Katar elves can use luck stat. when using a weapon in their offhand instead of suffering the standard -15%/-25% chance to hit, they only take 0/-10% to hit. Katar elves have +35% to weakness to solar, +10% weakness to light and dark.
Orcs: Orcs gain +5 to strength, and +3 to endurance, but take -3 to wisdom and -2 intelligence. Orcs have lowlight vision to 30ft, and dark vision to 45ft. Orcs are considered masters of improvised weapons, and may act as if they are proficient when using non weapon objects as weapons, (such as rocks, shovels, doors, tables, chairs, or anything within arms reach that isn’t a standard weapon)

All orcs are medium size
Weight and height
All orcs weigh 180-300lbs
All orcs stand 6ft to 7½ft tall
General Racial description
Orcs are tall and muscular humanoids, orcs on average have shades of green for their skin tone, though some have brownish or yellowish skin. Their height is around 6ft on average, and rarely gets much higher than 7ft. All orcs have broad shoulders with a natural super human strength. Orcs are ferocious fighters and even have the tendency to use random nearby mundane objects as weapons. Most orcs compete with Minotaur as they are a much larger and naturally stronger race, making them better fun and better competition.
It is said that a man is not a man until he has put his own strength against an orcs.
Orcs are a very social race, at least that’s what they call it, and it is very common to see half orcs in almost any land.

If it weren’t for the obvious human features, an orc would almost call the human Neanderthal an orc himself.
Elves and orcs rarely ever get along, as orcs see the elven race as stuck up and stingy, and it is very rare to find an elf who fights just to fight, unlike the minotaur who gladly fight for honor if for no other reason.
It is rare to find orcish nobles, as nobility, law, and religion are amongst many things orcs find silly, petty, or even childish. When the other races speak of such things, most orcs humor them and pretend to care.
----Cragrock orc:
cragrock orcs gain +2 natural defense, -1 intelligence, they also have the mountain walk feature. Cragrock orcs are considered large when determining carry loads. Cragrock orcs can use weapons a size category larger as two handed weapons with no drawbacks, if ever attempted to use as single handed weapons this ability has no affect. Cragrock orcs have -10% fire weakness.

Cragrock description
Cragrocks are the second most violent orcs in the world, the first being the hunter killers, though hunter killers are more ferocious, and fight without honor, remorse or any care. The Cragrock orcs always have a reason for their fighting, usually it is over land or food, as the cragrock orcs usually live in small tribes, usually in the mountains. There are cragrock orcs who follow less barbaric paths, but these are few and far between.
----ancestral orc:
Ancestral orcs gain +3 wisdom, +1 intelligence, and -2 strength, and are proficient with all ancient weapons. Ancestral orcs gain +5% to hit chance when using improvised weapons. ancestral orcs have lowlight vision +20 ft, and dark vision +30ft.
----Hunter killer:
Hunter killers gain +10% to critical chance with any weapon
Hunter killers gain +10 combat movement, and +5miles per hour.
For each enemy defeated in combat, a hunter killer orc gains a temporary +5% to hit until next hit, and a temporary +2 damage until end of combat.
Dwarf:+4 endurance, +2 skill, -2 dexterity, -2 agility. Dwarves are treated as medium unless being treated as small is beneficial at the time. Dwarves have mountain walk. -20% weakness to earth, +10% weakness to plant. Low light vision 30 ft.

All dwarves are medium creatures
Weight and height
Female Dwarves weigh 150-245lbs
Male dwarves weigh 160-260lbs.
All dwarves stand from 4ft-5ft8inches, usually on the lower end
-1 strength, +2 dexterity, +5% dodge. -70% weakness to dark, darkvision 60ft.
Thunderstone dwarf:
+2 strength, +10% to hit when fighting earth based creatures, -5% earth and energy weakness.
Rock dwarf:
+2 endurance, +2 skill, -3 wisdom, rock dwarves have +3 knowledge: stone crafting talent.
The Gheashin are goat-like beings, they tend to inhabit remote areas that most would dare not live, especially burning deserts and frozen tundra due to their natural resistance to extreme elements.
Gheashin tribes always have a chieftain and a powerful shaman. Gheashins are stubborn, faithful, and usually wise. It is said that like a goat the Gheashin cannot be bound, and through sheer willpower cannot be detained to any area they wish not to be in.

All Gheashin have these stats and abilities: +3 strength, +4 wisdom, -3 dexterity, -2 charm. When using bows or crossbows Gheashin have a -5% to hit chance. When using two handed weapons Gheashin have a +2% to hit and critical, when using 1 handed weapons they have a -3% to hit chance, this includes large Gheashin using medium or smaller two handed weapons as one handed weapons.
Gheashin have +2 to max speed, and can travel 4 miles per hour further than normal
Gheashin who are medium in size have a gore attack that deals 1d6 standing still and 2d4 when charging. Large Gheashin have a gore attack that deals 1d8 standing still, and 3d6 charging. All Gheashin have a 5% critical chance with their gore, and gain 1% extra critical chance per 14 points.
Gheashin have +1 natural defense

All Gheashins are not the same size
Weight and height
Female Gheashins weigh 180-400lbs.
Male Gheashins weigh 200-600lbs.
female Gheashin stand 5ft to 9ft.
male Gheashin stand from 6ft to 10ft.
Mountain Walker Clan
Mountain walkers have these additional stats: +2 endurance, -3 intelligence, +2 wisdom
Weakness: earth -20%, force -15%, ice -10%, fire +15%,
Size: large
Until level 3 can only speak giant but understands common, at level 3, and any level after, as long as intelligence is 6 or higher the mountain walker can speak, read, and write any one language spoken by another character in the mountain walkers group plus common.
The mountain walker casts magic at -.4 levels. (at level one this would be any spell that is level .6 or lower)
Desert Thunder Clan
Desert Thunder Gheashin have these additional stats: +5 wisdom +2 skill, -2 agility, -2 dexterity. -10% fire weakness.
Size: medium
Desert Thunder Gheashin have strong dark blindness, they cannot see anything in the darkness or low light.
Desert Thunder Gheashin can see in any storm as if it were a normal day. This is the only time a Desert Thunder Gheashin can see in the darkness or lowlight.
Frost Runner clan
Frost Runner Gheashin have these additional stats: +2 agility, -3 skill, +3 wisdom
weakness: -35% ice
Speed +4mph, combat movement +5
When hiding or sneaking in snow Frost Runner have +3 to their roll.
Hidden Valley Clan
Hidden Valley Gheashin have these additional stats: -1 strength, -2 endurance, +4 dexterity, +2 agility
Size: medium
Speed +3mph, combat movement +5.
The Hidden Valley Gheashin lose 1 natural defense, but still can take feats as if having natural defense.
Minotaur: The powerhouse of races, if you think the orc is tough; you've never seen a Minotaur.
Minotaur are large creatures, unlike the other races, which are small or medium. They have +6 strength, -3 intelligence, +5 endurance, -4 skill, -3 dexterity.
Gore and charge, minotaur have horns, and are naturally proficient with them, they deal 1d8 standing still, and 3d6 when charging, but they take -2% chance to hit when charging. A minotaur’s horns have +5% base chance of critical strike, instead of the normal 10 points of strength for a critical strike, horns use 12 points.
Minotaur have low light vision to 60ft. and darkvision to 30ft.
All Minotaur are large size
Weight and height
Minotaur weigh in at 500-800lbs.
Females stand 6ft-11ft tall
Males stand 6ft-12ft tall
Forest dweller:
forest walk, +2 wisdom, proficiency with any wooden object as a weapon. Forest dweller minotaur are considered medium unless being large benefits them.
+3 endurance, -15% weakness to earth. Rock-hoarder Minotaur have the Mountain walk ability. Minotaur gain +5% to critical strike with blunt weapons.
immunity to instant death, -5 endurance, -2 strength. Deathborne have +2 wisdom and intelligence. Deathborne have a 15% chance of automatically detecting invisible enemies if they are undead.
Goblins are a reclusive race much like the elves. Most goblins in the land tend to stick to their tribes, though some get tired of the constant interaction the hate and the fighting exclusively towards other goblins.

All goblins have these stats: +2 endurance, -4 skill, -2 intelligence, +2 dexterity, and +2 agility. goblins are small creatures. Goblins have dark vision to 60ft, and low light vision to 35ft. goblins have -20% weakness to earth, and +15% weakness to force.

All Goblins are small
Weight and height
Goblins weigh 60-130lbs.
Goblins stand 3ft 5inches to 5ft.
Green goblins are the most common goblins of all, as they tend to leave the caves more often than not. Most green goblins have more of a brown or blue hue to their skin than green, the one thing they hold most in common however is there is always a hint of green skin and most are speckled goblins.

All green goblins have these stats:
-1 endurance, +6 skill, -3 intelligence.
Darkvision is -15ft. and low light is -5ft.
Green goblins have +2 talent points per level.
Green goblins can use any other races racial weapon at a -15% chance to hit, and -1 damage.
Red goblins are quite their name…red.
Goblins having never given names to their racial groups were classified by color by humans.

Red goblins have these stats:
+3 endurance, +2 strength, -1 intelligence, +1 agility, and -3 skill.
Red goblins are counted as medium when it benefits them (including for hp purposes).
Red goblins have -.4 to caster level unless casting spells with elements of fire, force, solar, dark, or plant.

Blue goblins dwell in the darkest parts of mountains and caves, even were dwarves would dare not go. Having the natural ability to fit into the smallest of holes, it is well known for blue goblins to get in the most peculiar places. Blue goblins also have two things that are unanimously favored by their race, orcs and magic. Blue goblin culture has a special study of orcs, and in fact if ever they meet an orc they usually bow down in service or help them in any way they can regardless of their conflicting points of view if any.

Blue goblins have these stats:
+2 strength, +3 intelligence, -4 skill, +2 dexterity, -1 endurabce
Blue goblins count as tiny when it benefits them
Blue goblins have darkvision +30ft, and low light vision +15ft.
Blue goblins also count as orcs when targeted by racial spells, or using racial weapons or armor.
Blue goblins that gain the favored enemy feat, gain it a second time free for a choice between orcs and dwarves.

Cave goblins are for the most part, incorrectly named. All goblins are naturally cave dwellers, and no person would ever find a goblin society outside of caves. It was a dwarven scholar who named this group of goblins, though most humans still call them grey goblins, as it would seem grey goblins…are grey.

Cave/grey goblins have these stats:
+3 agility, +2 dexterity.
Cave blending- when inside caves, or any grey environment, a cave goblin has rank 3 concealment when unarmored.
Darkvision +15ft
Tremor sense 15ft.

Hobbit:-3 strength, -2 endurance, +3 skill, +4 dexterity, +4 agility.. Hobbits have -5% to all weaknesses except solar, lunar, dark, and light with an extra -15% to plant. hobbits have +2 to all thieving talents, and +3 to hide and move silent checks. All hobbits have low light vision 30ft. Hobbits also gain 2 talent points extra when leveling
All Hobbits are small size
Weight and height
+6 to jump and climb, proficiency with any one ranged weapon of your choice, hill-climbers have +3% chance to hit with ranged weapons.
Animals friend-
animals friend has an animal companion as if the hobbit were a druid, If the animal friend later becomes a druid, instead of gaining an extra animal companion the animal friend adds half his levels of mage to determine his animal companions abilities . animal friend hobbits gain +4 to the handle animal talent.
forest walk, +2 dexterity, +5% dodge. Wild-kin also gain +3 to climb, and +2 to hide when in forested areas.
Half blood
Unlike other dice based games, a half-elf or half-orc, does not go with the generic idea that the other half is human. This is an unrealist concept, and a cheap way to get out of doing more work for your players. Instead the player may choose which half the other half of a race is, be it a dwarven elf, and orcish minotaur, or any other bizarre concept you can come up with, at least with what you are given. If a races size differs from another, unless something is already stated in the description you may choose the size you wish to be.
Weight and height
Maximum weight and height is the smallest race of the two + 4’ and +20lbs.
Minimum weight and height is the largest race of the two -2’ and -25lbs’
Medium size, +2 skill, +2 dex -1 str, -1 end. low light vision-40ft, -10% weakness to any one element, can cast spells at .2 higher than total level.
medium size, +2 talent point per level. Half humans gain 3% extra experience when gaining experience
talent point per level increases by 1 per 4 levels up to +5.
medium size, +2 strength, +1 endurance, -2 intelligence. low light vision 25ft, dark vision 20ft. has improvised weapons ability as an orc does.
medium size, mountain walk,+2 endurance, -10% weakness to earth. Low light vision 15ft. if other race is small, than the half-dwarf can be considered small when it is beneficial to them.
large size, +4 strength, +2 endurance, -2 intelligence, -2 wisdom.
gore and charge abilities with horns, at 1/2 size (horns are generally smaller than parents or are barely even existant) unless other half race is also large. increase size by one if other race is smaller than medium. Low light 15ft, dark vision 10ft.
small size, -2 strength, +2 dexterity, +2 agility. Endurance is only worth 3 health points instead of 5. -5% weakness to all elements except solar, lunar, dark, and light. An extra -5% to plant. Gain 1 extra talent point per level
Small size,
large size,
small size, +1 endurance -2 skill
if other half creature is large than decrease size to medium.
medium size creatures cannot be small when half goblin.
dark vision to 40ft. low light vision to 15 ft.
-10% weakness earth, -15% darkness, +5% weakness force
medium size, +3 strength, +2 intelligence, -2 agility
casts arcane spells up to 1 level higher than normal
cannot cast divine spells
counts as dragon when being affected by a spell or ability that would effect dragons.
centaur are medium creatures, but due to their long bodies, with four legs, they take up room equivalent to two medium creatures. Centaur are considered large when it is unbeneficial to them, except they always have a carry weight as if they were large, but their movement is instead quadrupled as if they were a horse.
A centaurs stats are as follows: +2 strength, +5 agility, -2 charm, and -3skill.
Centaur cannot use any normal boots or lower armor, unless it is specially designed for them or a horse.
Centaurs count as mounted for combat purposes
High Valley:
+2 speed,


The Valdir like the dwarves, elves and Kiri’es believe themselves to be the oldest race in existence, like the dwarves their history speaks of a horrific event, one they call the holocaust. This holocaust they speak of left them warped and dark, and their races numbers became few and far in between, and due to their unsocial nature they have stayed few.
There are no half breed Valdir, if Valdir genes mixes with any other race it is considered a full blood Valdir.
Valdir look like humans, and act like very unfriendly humans, unless you were told a man was a Valdir, or had a spell that revealed his race, you would think him just another human.
Valdir have an unnatural strength to them, stronger than they look at all times. A valdir that looked frail and weak, may yet even be the strongest person in existence!

Valdir have these stats; strength +3, charm -3, luck -3
If a Valdir has no magic spells known he or she becomes deathlike, gain the undead racial type, and become gaunt like one who has been very poorly fed for years. A week after gaining a spell they lose both the undead racial type(returning to being a humanoid and Valdir) and are no longer gaunt and gruesome.
if a spell that reveals a creatures race fails on a Valdir instead of taking no effect, the spell “thinks” it worked and tells the caster that the character is a demon or sometimes even a dragon, this is due to the strong demonic and draconic blood inside the Valdir.

All Valdir have a mark of a beast on their body, usually on their right forearm (regardless of what hand they use) they are born with this mark at birth, and as they learn more about it they gain traits from it.
A player may choose his marking from the following list, gaining the listed abilities with each creature;
Dragonmarked- at first level a character gains -45% to fire weakness with no ill effects. At fourth level the Valdir gain a natural +2 to armor, at eighth level a Valdir gains the ability to breath fire, the fire extends in a line to 15ft dealing damage to all creatures in the path, the damage dealth is 1d8 + 1d8 per 5 character levels. At character level 15th a player gains the ability to use Diplomacy on dragons to instantly make them serve him or her, causing the dragon to be controlled and dominated permenantly by the player, a dragonmarked player may only control a single dragon with this ability at a time. The dragon is also unaffected by any aura abilities (beneficial or not) from the controlling player.
Griffin markings- at second level the characters unarmed attacks are counted as piercing If the player wishes it to be (though the character can still choose to use blunt attacks if it is more beneficial at the time) and their unarmed attacks are counted as being one size larger of a creatures for determining damage amount every level divisable by 5 gives +2 to damage and +3% to hit with unarmed attacks. At fifth level the Valdir gains wings and flys at half maximum speed, but may turn in air having only moved five feet forward, and may fly at a distance of twice walking distance. At seventh level a character gains a flying speed equal to walking speed and the ability to see as far as an eagle both at night and during day. At tenth level a character is immune to magical darkness spells and automatically resists being knocked out of the air. At fifteenth level a character may use their charm stat to gain up to two griffin allies(unlike the dragonmarked ability these griffins still retain their own control and are not permemnantly dominated by the player).
Basilisk head- at fourth level a basilisk head marked character gains immunity to being turned to stone. At 6th level the characters attacks have a 20% chance of stunning an enemy for 1d4 rounds. At eighth level the character may attempt to turn one opponent that he or she can see clearly (is not even partially hidden) to stone, this affect is a avoidable by a will save equal to 18+ 1 per character level after 8, this affect can be used three times per day. At tenth level a character’s attacks have a 15% chance of reducing a hit enemies strength, endurance, intelligence, and wisdom by 1d6+1 per level divisible by 5.
Unicorn head- at fifth level the character gains a devoted unicorn follower equal to level 3+ ½ character’s level rounded down, the character can communicate with the unicorn in any language, teach the unicorn spells, and mount the unicorn(gaining a +5 to any riding checks made while on the unicorn). At eighth level the unicorn may resurrect its master once per day at full health with no negative effects. At twelfth level the unicorn may resurrect any allies three times per day up to 15 health with no negative effects.
If the unicorn follower ever dies It is replaced 5 weeks later, if its master also dies, the new unicorn may attempt to resurrect it with a 15% chance to succeed.

The Kiri’es like the dwarves, elves and Valdir believe themselves to be the oldest race in existence, like the elves they believe themselves to be beloved by the gods, as they were given beauty to match the elves, many say that the Kiri’es surpass the elves in beauty.
There are no half breed Kyrie, if a Kiri’e’s blood mixes with human blood, it is considered a full blood human (without a subrace, something in human blood nullifies a kiri’e). If it crosses with any other race it is considered a full blood Kyrie.

Kiri’e have +3 charm, +2skill,
Kiri’e gain the winged template rank 2 for free.
Kiri’es lose all racial abilities for 1d6 days and lose half of all their classes levels for 1d6+1 days when coming in contact with human blood.

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