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Reel Remakes (Working Title)

(Currently in play testing with prototypes)

Idea: Imagine for a minute that You have been appointed the head of a major movie studio with one caveat. You must produce the 3 biggest budget remakes you can in your first year and beat out all the other major studios or you lose your job.

Card Drafting from a Pool of Cards
Card Allocation

Goal: Collect the assets then post three films. Score the most points per film based on the assets.

Set up: Deal out 5 Script cards, and 5 Genre cards. Each player picks 1 script and 1 genre twist card, and pairs them together face down in front of them three times, forming three piles. These are the movies you are choosing to make this game. You may choose to place the script cards face up, and therefore gain a production event card after that film is finished, but you will be at the disadvantage of the opponent knowing the exact film you are making. The first film will be a spring release, 2nd film is a summer release, and the 3rd will be a fall release.

You will now take turns choosing talent to match not only the 2 genres listed on the script, but also the genre twist card you have paired with it. Each actor, actress, & director card will score points based on these 3 genres

Shuffle and layout 6 cards from each category face up on the table: Actor, Actress, and Director.

Players will then take turns picking actors and posting them to a films for 12 turns. Must post to a film as you collect them. You cannot save them to decide later.

As the first card is posted to a film you must reveal the Genre twist card to the opponent (a media leak) once the 2nd card is posted then flip over the script. your movie has now been announced to the public.

Each Talent Card has a back side which has values for each genre based on how successful that actor/actress/director has been in the past with movies in that genre. The scores are between 1 and 5. No matter how good the actor there are no more than 2 5's on any one card.

Each film requires 1 director and 3 actors or actresses

Once all 12 rounds are complete, you may draw one production event card per film that you chose earlier to be turned face up before the first round of talent acquisition, The positive result cards you play on one of your films, the negative ones may be played on your opponents films, but before they turn their films over, you have to guess which one to play it on…

Example #1: Total of 6 cards to make this film.
Spring Script = A Fish Called Wanda = Starting Genre: Comedy, Crime
Genre twist = Musical (Combos with original and this will drive the scoring)
Director = The Coen Brothers +4 +4 +3 = 11
Actors = Neil Patrick Harris +5 +4 +5 = 14,
Nicole Kidman +3 +3 +5 = 11,
Sandra Bullock +4 +3 +2 = 9

Total score for this film "A musical fish named Wanda" = 45

Example #2: Total of 6 cards to make this film.
Summer Script = The Wizard of Oz = Starting Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Genre = Drama (Combos with original and this will drive the scoring)
Director = Martin Scorsese +3 +3 +5 = 11
Actors = Harrison Ford +4 +5 +4 = 13,
Jodie Foster +4 +4 +4 = 12,
Al Pacino +3 +3 +5 =11,

Total score for this film " A Darker Shade of Oz" = 47

Example #3: Total of 6 cards to make this film.
Script = Spies Like Us = Starting Genre: Comedy, War
Genre = Action
Director = Quinton Tarantino +3 +5 +5 = 13
Actors = Joseph Gordon-Leavitt +4 +4 +4 = 12,
Robert Duvall +3 +4 +4 = 11,
Uma Thurman +3 +4 +4 = 11

Total score for this film "Action Spies Like Us" = 47

Total for all three is 139

A perfect score per Talent Card = 14 +5+5+4 (no card will have more than two +5’s)
(For a 3 actor film that would be a 56, anything above a 50 would be considered an Oscar nominated film)

Ending the game…. Once the 12 turns are finished and any production event cards have been played everyone adds up their now finished films (Script, Genre, Director, Actors & Actresses) and applies production event cards and scores them all. Or films can be scored and announced as they are finished.

In a 2 player game there is a head to head scoring system. The first film goes against the other players 1st film (Spring vs Spring), 2nd vs 2nd (Summer vs Summer) and 3rd vs 3rd. (Fall vs Fall) whomever wins 2 of the 3 wins the game (total score doesn’t matter) In the case of a tie the best score by a single actor or director on each side is compared and the winner is announced based on that, if it’s still a tie, the 2nd best, then 3rd, and so on.…. If it is still a tie after all that, players flip a coin, and the winner draws a single actor or actress card for their film from the leftover talent pool, and the other player does the same adding one more actor to their films, this should decide the tie, if not keep going until it does.

In a 3 or more person game if any player wins two rounds they win automatically, if not the total amount of points scored across the three films determines the winner.

Advanced Game options:

Players can name any film with two genres, and then pick from the genre twist cards to get the 3rd. If players name their own movies, there can never be a duplicate genre, each would have to have 3 different genres (recommended to pick movies from the 80's or older)

In the advanced game you can choose how many actors are in each film as long as there are 2, 3, 4 or 5 per film but it is first recommended to play with 3 actors per film spreading them out so as to have the most likely hood of winning two of the three films

Alternate Names:
Tinseltown Recycling
Hollywood Rehash
Cinematic ReCasting

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