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Revenge of the Mummy #5

So, to reiterate: the goal of this journal is to track the development of this game from initial concept (see Revenge of the Mummy #1) to publication. It might be a long shot, but thats where this is going.

So I know in the last journal I said I'd have pictures of the prototype soon, but things happened and time escaped from me and despite my best intentions I still have not got the prototype ready yet. I almost had it done today (just a matter of hitting print and then some cutting and glueing) when I came up with a new idea that would be better, and thus, no progress made on that front, at least judging by the finished product thus far. An argument could be made that a new idea equals progress though.

Another thing too, is recent developments in Defenders of Wessex has slowed down this game a bit. I get time to work on this one more and more because Wessex is now primarily in the art stage of things. And I am not an artist, so hands off for me.

But there has been other progress on this game. For starters, I'll be ditching "Revenge of the Mummy" as a name. For those keeping track of this (I have no idea if there are any of you out there even) I will keep the title of the journal as Revenge of the Mummy, with the new name in parentheses. Ready for the new name?


Yep, I like that name. Its actually the Latin for Nightfall, since the egyptian is a series of consonants thats not really pronounceable. It has a pretty cool hieroglyph though. But Noctis is a simple, easy name that sounds unique and is something I can hear somebody saying. "Hey, whose up for some Noctis?"

I made some headway with the primary rule set too. Its following in the player use mechanic of Eldritch Horror, where players move to an area and then resolve the events of that area, with different events having different resolution methods. However, one thing that I am really excited about is that Noctis will have built into it a way that players can play both sides (diurnals and nocturnals), or they can split up and play two teams. So rather than most cooperative games where you play agaisnt the board only, in Noctis you can play either side (while the board plays opposite) or you can play two teams against each other in a more competitive style of game. I don't know that I will have rules formally written out until after the first few solo play tests, but hopefully there will be something more than a few pages in my notebook to show off soon.

A caveat on that: much of my time is going to be spent on prepping Defenders of Wessex for FallCon, which goes in 10 days. After FallCon I will have a good deal more time for Noctis, because Wessex will be mostly to artwork by that stage.


Prefer Nightfall

As for the name, I prefer Nightfall rather than Noctis. I am not sure if a person would get any idea of what the name means from the word. Nightfall on the other hand is more evocative.

It certainly is, and even

It certainly is, and even though Noctis is the latin for Nightfall, those who speak/understand latin are few and far between. Plus Nightfall has a pretty sweet hieroglyph.

Noctis is what I have been calling it, even when I correct myself to Nightfall, because for whatever reason Noctis is what stuck in my head. So when I say I got this sweet new name, what I really mean is: this is what is crammed between my ears right now.

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