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The Road

Rebellion TR.png
Indic Clan.png
Forest Trap EV.png
Crossbow-Linquist UP.png
Courthouse MO.png

This is the current card prototype for my game The Road. The Road is an RPG style game where each player will be in charge of directing four brothers from a clan. Each clan wishes to obtain the most honor while plundering through the landscape, building, settling, forging, and fighting.

Three things that make this game unique:

1). The "board" is made of the Road cards which will be different each game and are placed by the players each round.

2). There is a co-op/PvP swing in the game where players may band together or fight each other depending on what trouble comes their way.

3). There are over 25 different settlements located on each of the Road cards, each with their own unique ability/action that forces players to make tough decisions.

Let me know what you think!

The Road Rules (unfinished)


Cool concept! Creating a

Cool concept! Creating a variable map for adventures or events, some co-op and some competitive sounds like it would have a lot of potential.

As an RPG, would character advancement be perpetual, that is, does it carry over in multiple sessions? Or is this designed to be a fresh start each time you play the game? I'm guessing this would be the latter, where each game is a new beginning with whichever clan, and seeing how you can develop it...?

Also, if you want players to be able to include their wives/girlfriends in a game, you should have a couple clans of sisters. I mention it because my wife and daughters are my most frequent play-testers!

Thank you for the reply!

As of right now, game to game progression is non-existent. Though, that does prove to be an interesting option that I might consider delving into after I get the core mechanics shaped up.

I do like the idea of even making it more of a family type clan (Mother, Father, Son, and Daughter). Though in the the actual game there won't be any differentiation between them because they are all just standard meeples.

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