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Rolling Sushi Rolls

Dice Rolling
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Variable player Goals

Here's what I have so far. I'm currently putting together the prototype and will start play testing with the wife and local group next.

Basic Idea: Two Food Truck Sushi chefs duel, first at the market gathering ingredients, and then they try to maximize what they come home with to make the highest scoring rolls over 7 rounds (days)

Step By Step play: The two base recipe cards are handed to each player, and then 2 random "Chef Specialties cards" are drawn per player. The base recipes cards have the same starting 6 rolls every chef knows and can make, then each "chef specialty card" adds 3 new innovations by that chef. So you start with a base of 12 recipes to try to match at the market. (players can later add more chef specialties) Then the Market dice are rolled creating the available goods for the day, there will be 4 of each category (4 x Fish, 4 x Shellfish, 4 x Veggies, 4 x Sauces) so all 16 dice are rolled and sorted at the market.

The first player takes his choice from all the dice available and then there is a snake draft going forward so:
Player one gets the #1,#4,#5,#8,#9,#12,#13,#16.
player 2 gets #2,#3,#6,#7,#10,#11,#14,#15

Once all the ingredients are claimed from the market players start to assemble the rolls. At this point any ingredient that doesn't fit what they are looking to make, can be "experimented with" any three ingredients can be traded not for points, but a new "Chef Specialties" card. Once this is finished, chefs announce the rolls they complete and the points rewarded for each including subtractions for alternate ingredients. (some ingredients can be substituted for others with a penalty, possible substitutions will be on the recipe)

Total the scores for the day and write them down, each chef can keep two ingredients "in the Fridge" for the next round if they wish, everything else goes back into the market and is re-rolled on the next day. Any ingredients kept "in the Fridge" take a -2 score on whatever roll they end up in because of lack of freshness. (may only be worth it on the really big scoring rolls)

Here is how I'm starting the scoring for now:

Lower level points for lower number of ingredients: 3 minimum ingredients
3 ingredients from different dice = 3pts
3 ingredients from 2 dice types = 4pts
3 ingredients from 1 dice type = 5pts
4 ingredients from different dice = 6pts
4 ingredients from 2 dice types = 8pts
4 ingredients from 1 dice type = 10pts
5 ingredients from 4 different dice = 9pts
5 ingredients from 3 dice types = 12pts
5 ingredients from 2 dice type = 15pts
6 ingredients from 4 different dice = 20pts
6 ingredients from 3 dice types = 30pts
6 ingredients from 2 dice type = 40pts

Game goes over 7 days/rounds. Highest score at the end wins.

(I'm brand new to this, and learning how to use this website, so forgive me if things aren't as they should be)

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