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SCAVENGERS is a card game where 2 to 5 players strategically bid to outmaneuver their opponents and claim the most remnants of a collision between an asteroid and a gargantuan alien starship. The game features a faction-based agenda- and scoring-system, as well as a novel bidding mechanic that modifies the values of cards in the players hand from one Sector up for bid to the next.

To further augment their chances of winning bids, players are supplied with a limited deck of Edge cards to draw from. These cards further modify a players bid, or affect the bids of nearby opponents. Each player's Edge deck is identical, so managing when and how to use these Edge cards is key to victory while still balanced, providing plenty of surprises and ample "take that!" opportunities to move closer to victory.

While being a game geared towards fans of classic bidding match-ups, the theme and age range are still accessible to a broad audience: ages 10 and up.

Originally, this game started off as a personal challenge: an instructional tool that combined two mechanics with a single deck of cards. Beyond all my other designs, this one has come the closest to being professionally published.

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