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Three years ago I submitted a mint tin game on BGG and it was chosen as the most original design. The game was an origami themed abstract called "Folded", which you may view here:

Jumping ahead to 2018, I have been working for months on another hopefully original design with the "Toories" project. The new project has inspired a reimagined version of Folded, which is being titled, "unfolded".

These are the main changes in "unfolded" that differentiate from its predecessor:
-Cards are still square but enlarged to a more standard size of 2 1/2"

-There are 2 20 card decks, step cards and creation cards. Journey task cards have been removed from this version, they seem to add too much confusion to learning the game.

-player balloons are not physical game pieces. First prototypes were made of card stock, now are fabric plush for more durability. This is for the optional dexterity play of tossing the balloons into the game box.

-Creation cards now have a letter from the game title, "unfolded" as well as a word created from the letters. This gives players the option of end game bonus points for collecting sets to form the words.

-The game box ix approximately 6x6x2" and has four 3" square tray inserts to hold the four decks of step cards which create the play area.

-There are now five "permanent" step cards, four used per game to create a fixed bottom to the play area. A 6x6 clear sheet is provided if players do not wish to use the box or dexterity play.

*I am trying to find a way to create the balloons from foam or a material that is durable and keeps the cube shape so the may be stacked in the same quadrant when tossed.

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