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Water Action Breakdown

Water Action
This action represents the continual process of revealing Christ to people. It is not just one interaction that will bring about salvation, but a life time of building upon previous revelation. Learning to understand people and their complex lives, better equips us for the process of showing others who Christ is. Sometimes we will be prepared and able to minister by strategically supporting people, while other times we will have to improvise and rely on the Holy Spirits movement in areas we have no expertise. The key is to trust in the Lord, continue to seek Him, and allow the Holy Spirit to bear fruit. Just know that we are to walk in wisdom and preparation, while also walking in the understanding that we are limited in our capabilities of planning for all of the complexities of human interaction. In both, we recognize our extraordinary need for Jesus, the only one who can truly quench the thirsty hearts of man with living water.

This action is going to focus on the support abilities that are present on every tactic card. These are special abilities that allow you to do things you cannot do during a regular turn. The water action is super important as it determines how you will change the environment of the game and help tackle the unexpected.

Step One
Before you are able to use support abilities, you will need the fruit of the Spirit to execute them. During this step, you can place any number of tactics in front of you from your hand as fruit. There will be two types of fruit on the tactic out of the nine different fruits (all nine fruits of the Spirit). When you exhaust these to execute support abilities, you will turn the card horizontally. You may use one or both fruits shown on the card to execute abilities.

Step Two
Here, you will choose to execute any number of support abilities by choosing to either strategize or improvise.

When you strategize, you will execute a support ability shown on an outreach tactic (a card placed during the plant action). To do this, exhaust fruit cards in front of you with the types of fruit shown on the outreach tactic and do as the ability says. You will then gain +1 Action for every fruit card exhausted.

When you improvise, you will execute a support ability shown on a tactic from your hand, placing it right bellow any current outreach tactics. To do this, exhaust fruit cards in front of you with the types of fruit shown on the outreach tactic plus an additional fruit card and do as the ability says. You will then gain +1 Passion for every fruit exhausted other than the additional fruit card exhausted.

Once you are done executing any number of support abilities, the water action is complete!


This action reveals the power of the cooperation in the game. The support abilities on the outreach tactics are available to EVERYONE. So many interesting decisions and possibilities that make every game incredibly different from the next. The action also gives you a lot of control. Do I use what is already out there for cheaper (not exhausting an additional fruit) or do I use something from my hand right now? Very intense. This provides a very thematic description of how it is with people. Do I help by using what I already have, know, have experienced? Or do I just try to minister from their perspective; something foreign to me!

This is probably my favorite action. It reveals so much of the games integrated replay value. It is also has a very different strategic path to it that makes it stand out from the other actions. What fruits do I invest in? What support abilities do we need? What support abilities WILL we need? The answer to these questions will change every game, every round, every turn. It is complex, but does not show on the surface because of how simple the action really is: just two steps!

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