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WIP: Dymino Monsters: Chronicle Order

Dymino Monsters: 2004 - 2020 and in further future production

Dymino Monsters: Birth Reign First Era
1st. Novel Franchise
Core Set:

Toy Master Works Deck
Blue Protectors Deck
Gray Dominators Deck
Dymin Coin Deck
Blacksmith Deck
World Weather Deck

Chapter 1:

Road To Tylune
Strike Force
Sacred Stars
Thieves of Alahar

Chapter 2:

Elemental Marional Knights
Treasures From The Falcon
Rise of The Titans
Navigating The Monolith

Chapter 3:

Ghosts of the Desert Plains
Warriors of Osconia
Outcasts of Dahanamar

Chapter 4:

Sea of Opsis
Lost Pirates of Ivory Island
Haha Valley Island
Voyage of the DoomSetter

Chapter 5:

Dead Dreams
Dygar Empire
Cyrum's Crypt
Navigating The Monolith

Chapter 6:
Jester Twisted Tricks
Title changed to Emotion Dwellers


Dymino Monsters: The Wicker Tangle Chronicles 2004 - 2020 and in further future production.

Core Set Part 1:

Treasure Hunters Guild
Wind Chaser
Cave City Junction

D.M. 2004 - 2020 The Wicker Tangle Chronicles
Part 2:

Wings of Death
Sky Labyrinth
Haunted Sphere

D.M. 2004 - 2020 The Wicker Tangle Chronicles
Part 3:

Faeyton Springs
Frost Forest Ruins
Mount Duhldar w/ Wicker Tangle Faction


Dymino Monsters: Birth Reign Second Era
March 26, 2019 - July 13, 2019 - 2020 and further future production

Birth Reign Second Era

Guardian Passage
Northern Flora State
Fire Wire City
Halls of Great Joselin


Dymino Monsters: Age of Dominance and Triidorium are not filled in yet for chapters, characters, locations. 2020 - ???? Still in Production process.

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