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Wrenna Dev Journal #2: Origins

This game started from a brainstorm, which in turn came from a surreal dream...

The Brainstorm

Early morning chicken-scratch

In case you can't read the above image, here's the brainstorm:

  • A certain number of players
  • A grid
  • A certain number of pieces per player
  • Certain types of pieces
  • Certain combo of points to win the game
  • Certain types of points by placing certain pieces in certain positions
  • Only so many pieces allowed on the grid
  • Certain entrance and exit cells to sub in & out pieces.

I think I'll also be using this brainstorm for other game ideas. There's a bit here to dig into, and not all of this has been used for Wrenna.

In the next entry, I'll delve into the minimum viable product version…

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