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Art the easy way - anyone can do it

An every "man's" guide to having fun doing their own illustrative art by building on stick figures.

If we can read and write we can do our own artwork.

It is as simple as that.

Illustrative Art is Communication???

Drawing is representing a person or an object as does drawn letters represent sounds.

If you get the key elements right as per stickmen and signage like you will see on men's and women's toilets, then the job is 80% done.


these images sure are weird

They don't seem to match your explanation at all :-)

I think...

You need a "bong" to enjoy these! ;) The Asymmetry gets more emphasis under those conditions...

Update: Photo #4 looks like a dude holding up a "bong" ... oops I mean "bottle"! :P

Update #2: And the PIG is in every illustration except #3. Go figure?!

You saw a pig?

I see it as a wombat. ;)

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