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Creating a board game or party game isn’t child’s play

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Creating games has always been a passion of mine and seeing a game you invented on the shelf is tremendously satisfying.  When you’re creating a game though, there are always time and budget pressures and particularly if you’re self-publishing, you need to have a business hat as well as a creative hat.  Creating the game concept, the design, the rules, writing the cards, finding a manufacturer or publisher and promoting it are all sizeable tasks and trying to do everything can seem overwhelming.
As the co-founder of Indigoextra -, a web, internet marketing and games design company, I’ve been part of a team helping design multiple board and party games over the last ten years and we’ve just created a new party game, Funny Feeling (see, I’ve gained some valuable insights and made some mistakes along the way that with hindsight, would have been easy to avoid.


Great piece!

Obviously, we have far more amateur designers, developers, and play-testers out here than those who have made board gaming their professional calling. To that end, it's always great to read material produced by those who have made the difficult choices and faced the challenges surrounding this niche industry.


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