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2nd Edition Quest

2nd Edition Quest


So here is the *tentative* 2nd Edition Quest card sample... This is just a preview of what it might look like. It is similar to the original version (Nice artwork, simple card design) but it features TWO new additions:

-To the card, we have added TWO Buttons.

How these buttons are going to be used is... well... still undecided/open.

On the sample you can also note that there are values on the buttons, both positive and negative. The top button is ORANGE and the bottom button is GREEN. There are six (6) colors they may (or not) come in:

-Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange.

How/If the colors will be used is also to be determined. If you would prefer to use symbols instead of values, that also could be possible...

In the sample, the *card's color* is BLUE (again same six colors available).


Victory condition

I wanted to add another comment regarding the Second Edition *Victory condition*:

-Currently the goal is to "complete" three (3) Quests.

This simple goal has made it easy to play without needed to *keep score*. Adding scoring just complicates the game... And so I am trying not to make the game more complicated. But at the same time, I am hoping to add some more strategy to the game. So I am leaning to NOT to add another layer of scoring.

Therefore I hopefully want something more like some sort of "special matching". It may have values (relating to matching NOT scoring). It may also use symbols instead of values...

This is ONE of the points with the original version of Quest: players had to keep track of scores and sometimes the player that completes more quests doesn't win the game... This seemed to be illogical. And so we corrected this with the simple 3 Quests rule.

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image | by Dr. Radut