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3 Tours of War!

3 Tours of War!

I am currently working on a game that is 80% complete (but playable), and I am hoping to have it completed by January 2011, so I can attend some conventions and submit my work to be judged and hopefully get some publishers attention :-)

These are the four possible players also known as the Green Team!
From left to right: Casey, Rusty, Oats, and Lars.

If there is anybody that lives in the San Jose area (here in CA) that would like to play test my game, please contact me.

I have a blogger with more images of my game. If you would like to visit my website, please go to:

Thank You


i could almost see a hobby game from this.

these are great!
the chaingun from the coatrack peg was good use of materials.

i could also see you packaging blank, unassembled wood trinkets with a basic guide to build troops and such. similar to warhammer....although these have more of that modern "urban outfitters" toy type of feel.

like warhammer gone ikea.

made my day :-)

irdesigns510 wrote:

like warhammer gone ikea.

LOL...Thank You, that made my day! :-D
If you like these please visit my blogger, I have a walker in older posts you might like. I will eventually get around to posting all my stuff here at BGDF.

the walker is awesome

love the use of the $.50 toy bubble as a dome. as well as the bishop.
this should totally be a tabletop hobby wargame!
with the first mission: "The bombing of Peg-O Harbour"

or maybe even start with an A-team sized group of peg-o's infiltrating a base of sentries.

i definitely think you should make a small basic codex, rules for movement and combat and such, and price out how much it costs to build troops and leaders and vehicles.

Nice work on the soldiers.

Nice work on the soldiers.


Thank You

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