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3D Print Model - Fire Wizard

3D Print Model - Fire Wizard

From Illustration to 3D Model to 3D PRINT Here is one of the 3D models i sent to Shapeways. I DO understand i cannot achieve all the detail, but the model Print was lacking a ton and came out pretty awful.

-What company does anyone know of that can make a nice smooth model (miniature size) without the stair stepping? I read through the Forum but maybe i can get some last hints at good places.

-Also, once I have clarified that my PRINT is successful, could a company use the printed model to creat a mold or would they still just use the file? I understand that the 3D print is more for myself and a Prototype but the main thing is if they do use the file how would I know if I will get the same quality output im looking for to create a mold?

ANy suggestions would be great.

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image | by Dr. Radut