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4x prototype player board (work in progress)

4x prototype player board (work in progress)



I just wanted to add is there are already several Sci Fi games this year such as Scythe, Tau Ceti, Tradewars - Homeworld, Into the Black ... that it seems like the Genre is a bit "tap-ed out" (So to speak).

Again this is just my opinion, but IF I was you - I would search for something else other than Sci Fi...

Especially when Tau Ceti is a 4x game...

For example maybe "SteamPunk" I keep hearing about the category - but have failed to find anything significant in that category! Nobody has said: "Wow that is such an AMAZING SteamPunk game - that I MUST OWN it..."

Perhaps I am falling behind in terms of games out there... Just an idea.

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