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Ability cards I designed for the game

Ability cards I designed for the game



These all seem like classic attack and defense cards, and will do well with any "duel" game. I have a bit of feedback for you.

- I'd appreciate larger text (or at least make sure there's more contract between the text and the background). If larger text won't fit, I'd suggest slimming down the text on the cards, and then including a broader, more-detailed description in the rulebook.
- I assume there will be cards that can be used more than once, since you have "ONCE: Use this card and then discard it." This would be one way to reduce the amount of text on a card. Simply use a symbol on the card to indicate how often it may be used, then add a more detailed summary of the symbol meanings in the rulebook.
- In this context, "role" should be spelled "roll."
- On the "Decoy" card, "anytime" should be spelled "any time."
- Maybe "Invisibility" ought to allow a player to block an attack if they roll a matching symbol, instead of just any symbol. I've not playtested this, and you would know best, but it seems a bit overpowered.
- For a lot of these cards, there's a chance to roll blanks that eliminates the power. Have you considered a traditional "roll up to three times" mechanic that allows a player to pick and choose dice they've rolled to make rerolls, while keeping some as they are? Maybe this is detailed in your rules/notes. I'd like more clarity on that. Plus, limiting it to a roll of up to three times may help streamline the game turns. Again, without playtesting I wouldn't know.
- Could you use the Decoy card itself as the "Decoy Token" instead of adding another component to your game?
- I like the larger, distinct symbols on the upper third of the card. It will help players see what's happening across the table. The symbols used are well-done.

Best of success on your design. :)

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