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AD&D Wilderness Map

AD&D Wilderness Map

Okay here is a *scan* of the AD&D (DL-10) Dragonlance Wilderness map ("Dragons of Dreams").

So there are a couple of things that I've figured out:

  • The grey "outline" area is the area limited to players in the First Chapter of the adventure.
  • I believe (but not 100% certain) that the numbers are the Encounters for Chapter 1. I have read the encounters and they sort of match.
  • I have found an Encounter which says proceed to "Chapter 2, Encounter 1". So that explains how the players go from Chapter to Chapter (I guess).
  • Some encounters specify a "Random Encounter" may occur. So I guess that is how random encounters occur.

I think this map is ONLY used by "Chapter 1". But there are still things I'm not sure about:

  • How are the Events triggered?
  • How do players "move" from one hex to another on the Wilderness map? Is that in a matter of days, etc.?

And another point about moving from "Chapter 1" to "Chapter 2". It specifically states ONE hex on the entire map where players can proceed to "Chapter 2" (#9). But how is it possible to explore the rest of the Wilderness map???

Many thanks for your clarifications!

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image | by Dr. Radut