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A, B, or C?

A, B, or C?


"C" has the MOST potential

But what I would do is make the "scroll" like 75% TRANSPARENT... Something like that... Show us what it would look like (only the SCROLL)!

Just an IDEA...

Note: Or maybe only the "inner" part of the scroll... Would mean separating the scroll into 2 Layers (one with the rolled up parts at 100% and then the inner part at maybe 75% or so - play around with what looks BEST!)

Or use an ALPHA Channel and create a Gradient effect with 100% WHITE on both sides and slowly fading to 75% in the middle... That might even look better than separate layers...!


I'm not a fan. It messes with the text too much. First a foremost, readability. You are seeing it at 75, 85, and 90 percent.

I agree not to make it

I agree not to make it translucent. It looks best solid I think (as a scroll would be).

Using C the character art shows nicely, even with the scroll.

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image | by Dr. Radut