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Backside Event Cards with Bleeding Zone

Backside Event Cards with Bleeding Zone


That's not how you allow bleed...!

To clarify, in order to PROPERLY "bleed" a card, you need 1/8th Inch thickness around the card with EXCESS "BACKGROUND" not black. Black with what you have will cause "drift" and you might end up seen black on your cards.

What you want is to EXTEND you "BACKGROUND" into the "black area" and use a SQUARE shape. Most bleed are for rectangular shapes and even the printing is done that way and THEN the cards a CUT with the corners.

The reason why you WANT cut corners, is because it improves the cards durability when shuffling. Also using card sleeves is also a good idea too.


1 set is printed and plastified.

I only see this comment today.
Well, it is still a learning phase.

I went with black, sorry. I believe someone else suggested it to me. To actually add this bleeding zone. While I didn't have it at first.

Does it apply to the front as well then?

I think I have seen this drift. It is such a shame that printers can cause problems like this. But I think I have the drift under 0,5 mm for all 45 cards.

How to cut the corners if it is only home made cards? Maybe you can advice on that. Because that is the last problem I am facing right now with my very first deck.

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