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Board map

Board map


When I look at this

I am a bit "confused". You board ALREADY has a square grid patter. And yet you ADD a "second" (2nd) layer to make it more confusing?!

Could you not use the base GRID and clean up this "board"???

The Grid-on-grid looks BUSY. The smaller "chess" grids look TOO COLORFUL. Overall the image looks like "it has been 'solved'". It doesn't look RIGHT as a "starting" board (Empty). If this was the intention, well then it looks busy...

However IF this was the "starting" state board (beginning of the game), I would immediately tell you that the colors used are too vibrant and there should only be one (1) Grid pattern.

You've probably got some work cut out for you... Because IMHO this is too much!

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image | by Dr. Radut