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Card Design

Card Design

Basic design for card game.


Love your style!

Just wanted to say, that this art is awesome! keep up the great work.

I like the art and the

I like the art and the general color scheme and layout of the card.

2 observations:

1. The 3/8 you have on the gem in the middle of the card seems like it would be hard to read when on the board, especially when you have multiple cards to scan over as you make decisions. If possible, I would separate the numbers a little more or at least make them and/or their background gems bigger.

2. If you attach it to a Fighter, the Fight gains "Aerial", however nowhere does it say the drake itself has Aerial. This is counter intuitive since it can grant Aerial but does not itself have the ability.

The illustration is by

The illustration is by Argentinian painter Ciruelo, btw.

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image | by Dr. Radut