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Card Montage

Card Montage


Seems like you want your cards...

To be SQUARE? That's not an option at "The Game Crafter" (TGC). Might be difficult to get a prototype made with "square corners"...

Your "Resource" and "Apparatus" cards look okay (aside from being square).

But your "Strategy" cards are very hard to read. You are using RED on Black, RED on Brown, BLUE on Black, etc. all these combinations make it HARD to read the text on the cards themselves. You're even using GREY on Grey and BLUE on Blue!

Those color combinations make it DIFFICULT to read your "Strategy" cards. Maybe instead of "Blue, Red, Grey" you use WHITE. And find ONE (1) color for the title of the cards... all those colors are difficult to read and maybe one color would make the cards look more "uniform" (Just a suggestion...)

Cheers Mate!

Another point: When I first SAW the card, I read: "Vampiric HORSE". And then I was searching the picture for the HORSE - and could find none! LOL :) That's what happens when you use strange colors and mix them in with the background, making them hard to read...

The square corner cards work

The square corner cards work for Tabletopia, but I've resized them with extended "bleed" borders for my game Crafter files - those will have rounded corners.

The Strategy cards kind of need to have different colored text to help players easily tell the difference between Strike cards (red), Defense cards (blue), and Reinforcement cards (grey). Even though most of the cards have a label, it still helps to have a visual cue from the color of the card borders and text.

I'm going to think it over more before I send anything to print. I agree, some text is difficult to read though.

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