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Card Workshop #2 New Cards... New Mechanics...

Card Workshop #2 New Cards... New Mechanics...

Time for a refresher. I took some time off of Monumental Resolution due to issues with the games core movement and combat system. It has significantly changed with a high expectation for improvements.

Here's a sneak peak at the prototype card.

Things are being removed already as of today...

-Range (the icon and value above the "wings" icon)

Reasoning: has the potential to add to much complexity where it is not needed.

-Movement (the black and blue circle with the surrounding arrows)

Reasoning: Standardizing movement to orthogonal. If a Morph can move diagonal there will be an attribute that allows it to do so. This is also an effort to crack down on unnecessary complexity.


Well... he's big and he has a short temper. Gravitational Dispersion is just another way to say "This guy is really impatient." Having this giant in your conflict will ensure that no battle will last long enough for you to take significant losses. Along with his impractical mood swings he can be pretty stubborn too. -4 speed means he ain't movin' until you pay. On the bright side he can kick butt with a 7 attack without worrying about a death in the near future with his 5 defense. If you like a tank of a creature and don't mind handling his rebellious attitude then he's the Legendary card for you!

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image | by Dr. Radut