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"Catch That Bunny" Sample Game

"Catch That Bunny" Sample Game

Catch that Bunny!
A Stealth Hunting Game for two to four players

The game board is made up of a 7X7 grid. Some squares are marked with briars, some with gardens. River squares run down the middle of the board
42 Tokens, blank on both sides, are placed on the board, one on each square
49 Pawprint tokens, (One side blank ) are put in a pile next to the board
One Carrot Token is placed on each garden
1 Bunny token (One side blank) is placed face down, anywhere except a garden
1-3 wolf tokens are placed anywhere, at least three squares away from the bunny

On the Bunny's turn, the wolf players close their eyes. The bunny player moves her token 1-4 squares, replacing each blank token she moves over with a face-down pawprint token, and removes the blank token from the square she stops in.
If the bunny crosses the river, she says “Splash”. She doesn't leave pawprints for the rest of the turn
If the bunny lands on a garden, she takes the carrot token. If the bunny collects three carrots, she wins
The bunny can enter the same square as a wolf, but cannot end her turn there.
Each wolf gets a chance to move his token 1-5 squares, turning over the token in each square they enter
Entering a briar square counts as two moves for a wolf
If a wolf flips over the bunny token, then he wins
Players each take a turn as the bunny
The bunny gets one point for each carrot eaten, plus three extra if she wins
If a wolf wins, he gets two points. All other wolves get one

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