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champion 2 dice.png

champion 2 dice.png


Defensive HEART

When rolled can HEAL 100 damage, each successive HEART improves the damage restored.

Example: Roll 3 HEARTS = Heal 100 damage, Heal 200 damage, Heal 300 damage.

Total HP healed = 600 HP.

When on the Bench (backup), each turn RESTORE 250 damage per turn. 4 turns = 1000 damage healed.

This is looking pretty good

But I would add something like ANY "Punch" = 100 damage and ANY "Kick" = 250 damage... Combos as defined by the "Character" are SUPER GOOD.

Going down this route ... it makes sense.

And having DEFENSIVE and OFFENSIVE powers too ... is cool!

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image | by Dr. Radut