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Character Card - VAN

Character Card - VAN

This is how the actual character cards for my game would look. For more information about it, please check the thread here

I didn't lay out the type like I did for my other mock-up yet. Going to experiment with different layouts, but all the cards would be horizontal with artwork of the character taking up most of the card.


I think the bunny is cute but...

I would outfit him with some soft of *Power suit*.

Otherwise, to me, he looks too much like a plain bunny rabbit...

More or less the point,

More or less the point, though I am toying with the idea of putting something else on him. The characters for this game are supposed to resemble a cross between pokemon and animal crossing neighbors. On one hand they are, more or less, supposed to look like normal animals...but on the other they can use magic and throw fireballs.

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image | by Dr. Radut