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City of Guilds Map

City of Guilds Map


This map is stunning!

This map is stunning!

Great Map

This is an amazing map! Where did you get it? You didn't draw this yourself surely. Already I like the game just because the board is quite appealing.


I have to admit I found it doing a google image search, just to use in the prototype. However, it's supposed to be a 16th Century engraving of the city of limerick in ireland, so if it's the real thing the copyright will have long expired.

I can't find the original link, but this site has a smaller version of the image I used:

More Info

In fact, after a bit of investigation I found this page:

Which says that the map is from and 1820 edition of Thomas Stafford's Pacata Hibernia, based on an earlier map, copied in 1587 by Francis Condell of Dublin. So I think I'm save in saying that the copyright will have expired and the image should be in the public domain.

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