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City of Guilds - possible card redesign

City of Guilds - possible card redesign

After quite a bit of recent play-testing (thankfully got a few different groups of people around the world to give the game a go) quite a few of the cards need redoing (mostly just clarification/expansion of the card text). So I'm thinking is it worth rolling out a new card design, mostly just because I'm bored of the current design lol.

The current design can be seen at, whilst this image is the proposed new design.

What do people think, stick with the old, or go with the new?



I like it BUT

Hi - I like it BUT one problem - you misspelled Harbor. there is no "U" in it.

Solomon's Thoughts, INC.

I think you'll find...

..that it is you who is mis-spelling it ;)

Well, english spelling is

Well, english spelling is harbour, whilst the americans, etc, drop the u, like they do from colour, honour, etc.


(that is all) ;-)


p.s. I like the more colorful, parchment/scroll look better ... but I liked the more detailed token graphics better from the older cards. (I guess that wasn't "all".)

These are nice!

But I liked your old cards with the woodcuts more.

Keep us informed!

You'll be glad to hear..

...that for the time being I'm going to stick with the existing designs. I need to update around 5 or 6 cards, and really need to stick with the existing design so that all those who have already printed out copies only need to print the updated cards and not a whole new set.

In a few months time when I'm happy that I've got a final set of cards I'll think about redesigns again.


I'm just trying to brighten the cards up a little. The woodcuts are fine, but the are a bit dull, being monochrome. So this was an attempt to brighten the cards up. What I may do is leave the guild cards as wood-cuts, but have the action/building cards have oil paintings. The scroll may be a bit OTT, but I have a simpler parchment background, that's still a bit more interesting/colourful than the original card backgrounds.

The game is progressing well. I've got loads of good feedback from various play tests (both from sessions I have attended to people all over the world who've downloaded the game from BGG or my site). I have a few minor updates to make in the next week or two and then (to use computer terminology) I think we'll be at Release Candidate stage.

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