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[Cold War]Example_standard_artistic

[Cold War]Example_standard_artistic


I prefer...

The "Artistic" Rendition. To me even if only B&W, it appeals to me more than an "icon looking" representation.

Anyways that's just my opinion... But your "Artistic" illustrations look very "nice". I think they will make the end-product more professional looking.


Thanks for the input

Thanks for the input. The "standard" illustrations is what I've used in the prototypes. I wanted to get the players to get a feel for the mechanics before the art/layout (the previous prototypes have been even more simple).

I am and will try to get an illustrator on board. Either to do something like the "Artistic" illustration in the example, old/vintage icons - or to make art more like cold war propaganda posters. If you have illustrator recommendations - please don't hesitate pm me.

PS: have you had a look at the other card examples? What would you prefer to see? "Artistic" logos or something more fancy like propaganda style art?


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