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Crystal Archons - Sample Templates

Crystal Archons - Sample Templates

Sample templates for a game concept called "Crystal Archons". A mix of the old computer game Archon, the discontinued WOTC game Dreamblade and a bit of Summoner Wars and Mage Wars. See the original thread here:


Nostalgia and Hit Points

Archon was a great game!!! You are unlocking all kinds of old video game memories for me. I think the fact that it is nostalgic will help people get on board with your game. It looks really good. Will it play on a chess board? I don't know your game but it seems like "Hit Points - Sustains 3 additional hits" could be shortened to HP: 3 or even a symbol on the card and then the rest could be explained in the rulebook.

Fond memories

Not sure if you are talking about the same "Archon" game... Mine was similar to a chess board with all kinds of creatures instead of chess pieces (Unicorn, phoenix, shape-shifter, basilisk to name a few). If so, does that imply in your game that you choose your creatures...?

Note: I wish you had posted a "larger" image or perhaps each card separately to be able to have a better look. The cards do seem a little small and it's sorta hard to read the writing on the cards.

But your game does seem to have potential and you have differentiated it from the *original* Archon (If we are talking about the same video game). So far, so good.

hey there and thank you for

hey there and thank you for your feedback!

Yes, we are talking about the same "Archon" game - i played it on the C64 many years ago.

of course, by adding elements and (most important: turning the game into a boardgame) - makes it already quite different from the original game.

feel free to post any feedback. I really like to create a "boardgame version of Archon with dice and elements added".

PS: here you find the above examples in full size:

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