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Destroyer class starship

Destroyer class starship

Here's another sample/preview of the cards for the game.

This card is one of the MOST powerful starships in the game. It has a Capacity (Energy Rating) of nine (9). It also costs/trades for five (5) credits.

I really like that this starship LOOKS the part: it looks like a HUGE, powerful starship...! Mission accomplished - Charles! :D


Text error

"It's" (next to last word) is incorrect. That's the abbreviation for "it is." You want the possessive, which is "its".

Very common error, and easy typo, but educated people still hit a "speed bump" when it's incorrect.

Handsome image, nice clean card.

Correction made!

lewpuls wrote:
Handsome image, nice clean card.

Thanks, I corrected the TYPO. Here and in my spreadsheet (I have a giant spreadsheet with all the card info: stats, flavor text, card names, card numbers, etc.)

Thanks for pointing it out.

I had to write a storyline for the cards and that took a HUGE effort. Actually it's three (3) storylines which are on different topics but are all about the Terrans (Exterras) and how the tradewars began.

Feel Free to comment!

BTW please feel free to comment if you like/dislike this image...

Did you "glued" a ww2

Did you "glued" a ww2 battleship turret on a space ship? Because the back of the ship looks like that.

It's not necessarily wrong.

I didn't do anything!?

I did not do the artwork - my artist did. And I think he used a traditional Battleship with the more futuristic deck. I don't know but my speculation goes like this:

1. He wanted it to look like that (Battleship)
2. He wanted it to look like the starship is being "built" (as if the destroyer is being built an extension to the starship)

Not sure which - maybe it's #1. But in my mind I was speculating #2! :)

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