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Dungeon Brawl Card Example V3

Dungeon Brawl Card Example V3

The Crosshair is Target.
The Blood Drop is Damage.
The Bow and Sword are Range.

Which Range icon is the best? The Bow or the Sword? If the Sword, which Sword?



The Bow and Sword #1.

But I figure you could use a BRIGHTER "Outline" around the icons. Don't worry if it's too "bright" you want to attract the player's eyes to that area anyways...

So I would make the outline around the icons MORE visible.

I still think the "Double Action" Banner is "extraneous" (And I would remove it). But the Ability button just below is ok. Use that space to make the illustration bigger and use the space below the title ("Cleave") better.

But I think this version is looking MUCH better...

Note: When I said I like the Bow and Sword #1, what I mean is Ranged cards should use the Bow and Melee cards should use Sword #1...

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image | by Dr. Radut