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Egg Laying Step 1: Gathering Nectar

Egg Laying Step 1: Gathering Nectar

In order to hatch a loyal guard bee, the following actions must be taken:

1) gather 1 nectar and 1 pollen.

2) unload the nectar and pollen onto an empty white hex. If the nectar and pollen are together at the top of the queen's stinger, they can be unloaded simultaneously in one turn. if a worker bee is in between or on top of the beads, the worker bee must be unloaded onto an empty tile then the remaining bead/s can be unloaded the round after that.

3) as soon as a green and blue bead are placed onto a white hex, they are immediately replaced with an egg.

4) gather one honey.

5) when the queen is adjacent to her egg, she can place the honey onto it and a loyal guard bee is immediately hatched. If a worker bee is in the way, it must be unloaded in a separate turn.

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