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Faction Logos

Faction Logos

Just looking for some opinions on these Logos.

They are supposed to be relatively simple with few colors, their main purpose it to differentiate tokens for color blind players, but they also create a little thematic effect as well.

They represent human factions in a space/solar system conflict.

The Bird and Lion are Governments
Earth Alliance
Martian Republic
the Gear and Star are corporations,
Construct Corporation
Europan Consortium
and the other two are aggressive, nomadic types.
Tyzane Militia
Guard of the Forsaken (an exiled group)

Let me know what you think...


Ok now

I can see the logos now, thanks.

About the logos, a couple of questions:
- How do you relate lions to Mars?
- Is the Guard from Jupiter?
- Why do you use archaic weaponry in the heraldry? I can see the peace pigeon as an enduring symbol, but wouldn't it be reasonably to think that swords and shields will be out of fashion by then? (they are, even by now)

Advice: keep the logos of the same color as the playing pieces for each player, for an easy visual reference (sometimes in a 6 players setup you run into the "who's red?" question). That is, if you have the earth player with a green logo, have him use green tokens, and the martian orange ones, etc. Mind that Europan purple chips may be hard to come by.

Can't see

I've tried with IE8 from a 32bitXP and 64bitWin7 and I can't see the image. Is it just me?
Nice you think of color blind players. Many times designers don't.

Keep thinking!


I think the colors may not have been web safe, or something else. Oddly Google Crome displayed the other pic fine, but I reuploaded using IE and it works now

(the colors are a little less vibrant and the Jpeg encoding comes though abit more, but hey it works)


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image | by Dr. Radut