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Finished Spelunkers Tiles

Finished Spelunkers Tiles

Here are what the actual tiles look like.
For give the color I'm not very good at photography or lighting.


Lava and river on the tiles

I've had a problem with this first run of tiles due to poor planning on my part for the Lava and River sections. I believe I have a fix for that now. I'm also going to try the "leading into a tunnel" suggestion. After I redo some of the tiles I'll repost some pics.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions.

Connecting tiles.

Hooshima, I don't know anything about your game, so I could be making a pointless comment.

From the pictures of tiles you posted, I take it that:

-1] the lava and underground rivers are not very common in the game.
-2] players have to match and connect tiles to the ones already on the board.

With these two things in mind, you might think about the side of a tile always showing either tunnels or river or lava; and never a combination of two of these.
If you start combining them, it might be really difficult to match up the tiles with water or lava on them.

Of course, I know nothing of your game, so I might be completely wrong...


is the red strip in the upper

is the red strip in the upper right corner lava?

bluesea wrote:is the red

bluesea wrote:
is the red strip in the upper right corner lava?

I think it is, but they are not my tiles, so I'm not sure...

This picture ( ) has a better view of the lava bit.
I think the lava looks very nice!


Agreed. The lava is very

Agreed. The lava is very cool! Maybe needs a bit more orange to it, but it's hard to tell from the picture. (a bit blood-like right now)
The underground river really makes it though. Nice touch.

Needs some guano!! :)

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